Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our quality Kit Homes.
Whether you choose to use one of our designs or a design of your own, our aim is to supply you with the highest quality materials and personalised assistance for you to successfully achieve your dream home. Our kit home system are better described as customised kit homes. We provide a range of plans & idea’s to enable you to choose or design your own kit home.


Part of the service we  provide when you purchase one of our kit homes will be to continually support you throughout the building of your home. Our experienced representative can visit your site daily to ensure you have all of the materials you require and provide necessary product advice. There  is an experienced builder on-hand for any technical questions you may have with your kit home.


We use only products from recognised Suppliers and while the products carry a suppliers’ guarantee, we also provide an unconditional guarantee on quality*.


A major difference between our customised homes and others is that ours are supplied in stage by stage deliveries. Deliveries are staggered as follows; Subfloor, Frame & Truss, Windows & Roof, Internal Linings and Fix-Out (final). Our Kits are delivered over five stages and the payments are staggered accordingly. No lump sum payment for products that you haven’t received and no chance of everything arriving and being subjected to weather or theft.


All of our homes are designed for Queensland wind category C2 (W50) this means they are designed for majority of cyclonic conditions, and can be easily modified for non-cyclonic areas (which means savings for you!).


•  Kit includes the stumps required for your home. We allow 1200mm stumps within the original price and this can be easily modified to suit your requirements within the comprehensive quote.
• Flooring within our homes is 19mm tongue and groove particle board sheets, that is H2 treated against termites.
• All of the decking & polished flooring is hardwood not pine. Pine is a much cheaper alternative, but can be damaged easily due to the softness of the timber.
• Tile Underlay is included for all tiled areas.

Once you have chosen a design (or supplied a design of your own), the next step is to list any extras or changes you require to the original plan. We will then tailor a comprehensive quote based on your specifications. This will step you through room by room what is included within your kit home.

Our kit homes come with all the products required to build to the stage you have purchased. Plumbing, Electrical, Kitchen, Tiles, PC Items & Paint are NOT included within the kit price. The quotes for these are individually tailored as every person’s and home’s needs vary. A meeting with one of our qualified detailers to determine your requirements is all that is needed for these final quotes. So you can be secure within the knowledge that every nut, bolt & nail is included for your kit home.

A brief overview of the services and products we supply:

•  Wide variety of plans or the option of designing one of your own
•  Quote that is tailored to your individual needs- not a ‘standard only’   quote.
• Kit home designed for a Queensland C2 wind rating, where all council regulations allowed for.
•  Complete set of plans ready for council submission (council fees not   included).
•  100% quality guarantee on all products (see Guarantee Summary).
• ‘One Stop’ supplier- everything you may need throughout the project.
• Helpful and experienced staff to provide you with information or advice.
• Our total price is FULLY DELIVERED to site*1 so there are no hidden charges.

Finally if you wish to use a design of your own, bring in a sketch of your home and we can get a quote for you. There is NO price difference to using one of our designs or supplying a drawing of your own.

Although construction of the homes is not included, we will be with you from beginning to end, ensuring that you move into the home of your dreams! Construction of the homes to any stage can be arranged thru our builders if needed.

To discuss our kit homes further please contact Steve or John our Kit Home Representatives on 49 749 749 or send an Enquiry.

*; Guarantee on quality of product only. Ensure you choose all of the products prior to delivery or some extra handling fees may apply.
*1; Sites not located within our local delivery area may have some changes to delivery schedules, representative visit to site etc. This will be outlined within your comprehensive quote.